Plastic Bottle Cutter

Throwing away old plastic bottles? What if we could just smartly and efficiently cut plastic bottles and turn them into convenient ropes? That's what made us develop the Plastic Bottle Cutter, a smart tool with which you can easily cut any plastic bottle and transform it into a beautiful plastic rope. It can be used for just about as many purposes as you can think of.

CREATIVE TOOL: This portable intelligent tool can easily make any plastic bottles, such as cola, fruit juice, soda water bottles into plastic ropes entirely. It can create all kinds of novelty and crazy ideas of yours. It can be your long-lasting strategic ally to turn plastic bottle problems into smart plastic solutions. Get ready to design your things with Plastic Bottle Cutter.
SAFE ENVIRONMENT: It is an economical, eco-friendly and useful tool to have. The plastic bottle cutter is also made with eco-friendly materials. Change the way of recycling, make our lives greener.
ABUNDANT USAGE: The rope can tie old items & useful accessories. Different colors of bottle ropes can decorate your garden, indoor & outdoor. It is also great for use at home.
RECYCLE AS YOU NEED: You can reuse and recycle all kinds of plastic bottles with this cutter. Turn your bottles into convenient universal handy ropes.
EASY TO STORE & CARRY: Its compact size is easy to keep, and store. It is so lightweight that you can carry it anywhere you want!