Permanent Match Lighter

We've all been in a situation where, for the life of us, we can't seem to get our matches or lighters to catch fire.

This Permanent Match Lighter, with it's simple yet practical design allows you to light a fire in some of the harshest of conditions.

The compact size and built-in keyring makes it a reliable and perfect tool for any adventurer or outdoors enthusiast.

To ensure it's durability and give you more of a peace of mind, this basically reusable match lighter is made out of heavy-duty and quality material!


  • EASY TO USE - All you have to do is fill the compartment with lighter fluid, dip the match inside then scrape it against the side to spark a fire!

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE - It's small and unique designs allows you to take it with you anywhere you go. With it's added keyring you can easily attach it to your keys or lanyard to always keep one on you at all times

  • LIGHTS UNDER THE HARSHEST CONDITIONS - Regardless of the weather this basically reusable match will light up anywhere

  • SAFE BACKUP FOR LIGHTERS/MATCHES - It's better to be safe than sorry. When you're lighters and matches won't light just pull out your permanent match

    permanent match lighter

    Whether you're going camping, hunting or backpacking around the world it's always smart to carry a few lighters or matches with you.

    The issue is it gets hard to light your matches or lighter under windy or harsh weather.

    With our Permanent Match Lighter, you'll be able to light a fire anywhere, anytime and under any condition.

    Perfect for...

    • Camping

    • Hunting

    • Hiking

    • Fishing

    • Backpacking

    • Road trips

    • Survivalists

    • Doomsday prepping

    Anyone from the average person to a hardcore survivalist will benefit from having a forever match lighter.

    instructions on how to use permanent match lighter


    1) Remove the match stick

    2) Scratch black flint to remove the outer layer of skin

    3) Strike the match up against the flint until it sparks

    4) Inject 2/3 of the canister with lighter fluid

    5) Put the match back in the canister to dip it in the lighter fluid

    6) Strike the match one more time and watch it light

    Please note: When you're done simply blow out the fire and insert the match back in the canister.

    Make sure to tightly secure and screw the match to prevent any spillage


    - Material: Stainless Steel

    - Color: Silver + Black

    - Size: 6.3cm x 1.8cm x 1.5cm/2.48" x 0.71" x 0.59" (Approx.)

    match lighter with two matches on fire


    Most people don't bother to read through product descriptions anymore but you're different!

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    forever lighter match on fire in the outdoors


    • Does it need lighter fluid?

    Yes in order for the match to light you will need to add lighter fluid. Otherwise, it will only spark. If you're experienced you may be able to light a fire the old way by sparking little flames but we do NOT recommend it

    • Why don't you ship them filled with lighter fluid already?

    Due to the nature of lighter and the probability of it becoming flammable during transit we CANNOT ship them filled with lighter fluid.

    • Can the match be replaced?

    At the moment we do not offer replacement matches. It's easier and more convenient to simply get a new Permanent Match Lighter altogether

    • Why won't my match light?

    First off, please make sure you fill the canister with lighter fluid BEFORE trying to light the match. If you do that and still no luck then chances are the protection layer on the flint was not scratched off properly.