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This is not a toy, This laser pointer will cut through tape, pop balloons, light the matches and cigarettes very easy!! Don't Miss Out!!!

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Widely Used:

    Field travelers / Climbers / Explorers:

    Point to distant targets, sent out distress signals to let your travel be more happy and safety.

    Amateur astronomers:

    Suitable for used in the observation of stars at night, can accurately indicate the position of the stars.

    Mining field / Construction:

    Used for long-distance accurate instructions / buildings, avoid close to the danger zone.

    Tour guide:

    Attractions for the distance instruction, no matter how many people behind you, you can clearly see your point to scenic spots.

    Military command:

    When you want to indicate to your subordinates a target in the air or on a distant hillside, you just need to touch the button and pointing to the sky, So Cool, is not it ?


    Sturdy heavy solid metal:ergonomic design, easy to grab with a waist strap;

    High-quality materials:high grade alumium construction,visible light with adjustable focus. Burning light, it can light a match or paper easily.

    5 adjustable mode:High/medium/low/strobe/flashing SOS;

    Focus zoomable:smooth zoom from a wide angle beam to narrow down and focus on objects farther out; Perfect for household use or hunting, cycling, climbing, camping and outdoor activity;

    Practical Design:Lotus shape attack top can protect the lens and break glass in emergency, rhombus skid-proof and water-resistant for wet weather conditions;


    • Shell material: aviation aluminum
      Surface treatment: anode oxidation military green
      Output wavelength: 440-450 nm
    • Energy ranking: green<red<blue/purple
    • Circuit control: 5 V booster take reverse connect protection
      Circuit efficiency: the boost conversion efficiency above 95%
      Beam style: continuous line
      Focus on ways: can focus
      Working current: 3.7 V 1.1 A
      Working voltage: DC = 3.7 V
      Start voltage: DC = 2.5 V
      Preheat time: no


    • Working temperature: -10°c~ + 30°c
    • Storage temperature: -10°c~ + 40°c
    • Focus on ways: can focus
    • Supply mode: 2pcs of 16340 lithium battery
    • Size(mm): 190(L)x26(HD)
    • Battery: 2x16340 
    • Packing size(mm): 200(L)x95(W)x53(H)

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