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Garden Glove with Claws
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✪  ideal soil environment organic and no-till systems GARDEN  ✪
SAVES fertilizer ✪ ✪  No tools are required and can be put up IN minute thing  ✪  

✔︎High durability design : Fabric elevated planting bed is made of famous durable geotextile, in the form of elevated planting bed, which can maintain continuous gardening for many years . 

✔︎Easy to set up : expand, fill and grow . This is definitely the kind of vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits are the easiest way .  

✔︎Air pruning roots : Air pruning allows plants to use all the space in the container for root growth to grow larger plants. The root system grows through branches, which produces more root tips and provides more foraging opportunities for plants . 

✔︎Stimulate beneficial bacteria :  Our porous non-woven fabric provides the necessary oxygen to allow plant roots and beneficial bacteria to breathe . Healthier roots mean healthier plants.  

✔︎Response to climatic conditions:  In hot weather, a plant bed with high fabric can release too much heat and protect the root system. In cold weather, the fabric will quickly warm up in the sun.

✔︎ Benefits :

  • Aerated fabric container-Air pruning promotes healthy roots, resulting in better fruits and higher yields.
  • Multiple configurations and options, easy to assemble.
  • Durable, washable and reusable.
  • Sturdy marine-grade sutures can withstand constant moisture and ultraviolet light.
  • These amazing new gloves called the Garden Glove with Claws  have built-in claws on the ends of the fingers to help you dig faster, easier, and safer . Plus the ends of your gloves won't wear out after months of use.  

    The tips of the claw gloves are made from high-density plastic which allows you to instantly replace hand tools with your actual hands . The Garden gloves make digging, planting, grading, and even raking super fast and easy since all of these tools are literally at your fingertips.  

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