Car Travel Inflatable Flocking Mattress

【Comfortable for Travelling & Camping 】- This air bed has been designed specially for outdoor use with unique honeycomb holes construction and 0.4 mm extra thick non-toxic TPU material which makes it more durable against the hard ground; 0.6mm comfortable flocking top make you relax and enjoy quality deep sleep all night outside.

【General brand car】-  Applicable for more than 95% of the vehicles, ensuring the perfect match of bed body and space.There is may difference in the spatial size, but the space structure is basically the same.

【Easy to set and store 】- The inflatable mattress provides easy set,package include Repair Patch Kits,a portable electric pump ,you can use it quickly inflate or deflate airbed to desired firmness within 1 minutes. It comes with a carrying pouch to store it easily.


  1. Open the double-layer inflatable door of the inflatable bed and wait for inflation.

  2. Turn on the power and start to inflate quickly.

  3. Cover the first layer cover and fill it with a small head.

  4. The inflation is completed and cover the second layer cover.

  5. The inflation is completed,Enjoy a pleasant journey.

  6. Pillows and neck pillows can be inflated with a small head.