Bathroom Rinse-Free Bubble Cleaner

Now you don't have to spend all day cleaning the stinky washroom! Bathroom Rinse-Free Bubble Cleaner has you covered! Simply spray on the stained area and watch the dirt and grease vanish in a minute!
This bubble cleaner saves your spending on all ordinary cleaners for it has strong decontamination effect on bathroom floor stains, dirty toilet bowl and more!
Adapts Foam Expansion Technology, this rinse-free cleaner penetrates and clean everything in 2-stepsSafe and harmless to be use around kids and pets.


  • 【Rinse-free formula】Water-based cleaner only needs water to transform cleaning solution in foam form. No rinsing is required after cleaning.
  • 【Foam Expansion Technology】 The spray penetrates and removes stubborn grease or stains effortlessly.
  • Harmless & Safe】 Contains no bleaching or fluorescent agents. Will not cause damage to tiles, ceramics, metal or human skin.
  • 【Widely Applicable】Works on all surface including fabric, canvas, finished leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metals, wood, gel coat, fiberglass and more!