Anti-Flea Shower Bomb


This Cleans Your Pet While Killing Fleas And Pests!

Anti-Flea Shower Bomb stands out as the best buy shower bomb for pet parents who want reliable flea and tick protection. This bomb works well to protect against fleas and ticks for your pet during bath time.

It contains the formula which can help kill off the existing infestations, balance your dog's pH, and create a protective shield around your pet.


  • Effectively kills and prevents pet flea and never lets the flea reborn again.
  • It can wash pet bacteria and fungus and can take good care of your pet's skin.
  • Cleans pet stain and makes them feel comfortable and refreshing.
  • Makes pet hair smooth and fluffy without any knots.
  • The material is mild, harmless for pets, and is available for both cats and dogs.


  • Color & Scent: Red (Rose), Yellow (Lemon), Green (Green Tea), Blue (Sea Salt), Purple (Lavender), White (Olive)
  • Ingredients: Natural Essential Oils, Botanical



  • 1 x Anti-Flea Shower Bomb